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Początki: przed 1562

Our projects appreciated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


We inform with pleasure that, under the decision of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, two museum projects were awarded co-financing from operational programs of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój the Incubator of Culture – establishment of the preparatory program for investment

The project includes all design and preparatory works which aim to conduct a spectacular, multi-level project in the next years which includes:

  • adaptation and further development of destroyed post-industrial buildings purchased by the Museum of Papermaking for the purpose of the cultural activity as well as improvement of the monument surroundings in the scope of spatial land development;
  • demolition of the existing pavilion built in the 70’s of the last century, currently a seat of the museum shop, and replacing it with a modern exhibition-educational pavilion;
  • combining the entire building complex (the current seat of the Museum – paper mill and drying plant, the building of old boiler plant and pavilion).

The project intention is turning the Museum of Papermaking into an “Incubator of culture” on the basis of owned real and moveable properties as well as improvement of the existing museum surroundings as the necessary landscape for such a unique facility which is a 17th century paper mill.

 Project value: PLN 141 450.00

Co-financing obtained from the operational program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Development of cultural infrastructure – priority – Infrastructure of cultural houses: PLN 70 000

The purchase of a collection of Polish historic banknotes – for the development of the collection of the Museum of Papermaking as well as the new permanent exhibition

The purchase of Polish historic banknotes allowed for expansion of the banknote collection included in the Museum’s collections. Banknotes projected for purchase are a consistent collection, presenting the cross-section of the most important as well as most interesting banknotes, from the time of Kościuszko Uprising, through the time of the Duchy of Warsaw, Kingdom of Poland, emigration (1941-42) to the Polish People’s Republic banknotes. The fact that the collection projected for purchase perfectly fits the script of the new permanent exhibition, organised within the funds of EEA and Norway Grants, the opening of which is planned at the start of 2016, is an unusually significant matter.

Project value: PLN 86 771.40

Co-financing obtained from Operational programs of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Collections – priority 4 – Museum collections – PLN 59,000.