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How skis ended up in Zieleniec


Lecture titled “Winter exploration of Zieleniec – inter-war period” was presented by Tomasz Przerwa Ph.D. on Monday, 23 March, in the Museum of Papermaking. It triggered very wide interest, the audience, of course, included the residents of skiing area of Duszniki.

We listened to many interesting facts concerning the beginnings of tourism and skiing in Zieleniec. It was illustrated with old photographs. Many questions were asked and residents of Zieleniec were still talking with the lecturer upon the end of the meeting.

Dr Przerwa is a historian permanently connected with the University of Wrocław. He specialises in the history of Silesia from the period of 19th and 20th century. In his scientific article, he studies tourism and leisure in Sudety prior 1945.

The lecture was an element of an educational programme financed as part of the project “Upgrade and adaptation of the historic drying facility for cultural purposes as well as fire protection of the Museum of Papermaking complex in Duszniki-Zdrój, along with the maintenance and digitisation of Museum collections.” The project is financed from Norwegian grants and EEA funds, coming from Island, Lichtenstein and Norway as well as sources of the local government of the Province of Lower Silesia.