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Fire protection

The paper mill in Duszniki-Zdrój is an invaluable museum piece of industrial timbered architecture. It is built of flammable material and it is higly exposed to damage in case of accidental fire.

The fire protection of the object has become one of the investment priorities of Museum of Papermaking and was included in the project notified to be financed by EEA and Norway Grants.

As a result, the automatic fire detection and water mist extinguishing system, including the roof, the walls and the interior protection, will be installed.

Water mist extinguishing systems belong to the most modern solutions used in the valuable museum pieces. Their fundumental principle is simultaneous launching of all the mist heads in the endangered area to create the drops of water big enough to absorb the heat energy.

The basic advantage of such system is relatively low water consumption. Therefore, it is not neccessary to provide the big container with its supplies. What is very important – in case of the system being triggered, the use of water in form of scattered water drops of small diameter minimises possible material damage in the rooms.