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The collections

The Museum of Papermaking has significant in Europe collections connected with the papermaking history.

The collection is based on the sheets with filigrees made from the 16th to the21st century. They are sometimes the only proof of existence of numerous paper mills and paper factories. They are also prime samples to carry out the research on the history of papermaking and they are also basis of filigree science – support history science.

Another incredibly siginificant collection constitues of the machines which were used to test the paper and paper object from the first half of the 20th century properties – it is one of the oldest and the biggest collections of such type in Europe.

Moreover, the Museum gathers the sheets stained with the old techniques, papermaking forms and machines, bookplates, historical identification documents (IDs, cards, passports), old banknotes, securities and the museum collections connected with the history of the paper mill in Duszniki-Zdrój and the city.

More about the collections

Within the project implementation financed by the EEA and Norway Grants, we have began the proces of digitisation – digital imaging of the collection. The high quality pictures of particular objects toghether with the basic information will be successively available on the Internet for all the users.

Overview of collections