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Museum lessons and workshops

In our educational offer we offer classes addressed to all age groups. We popularize the history of paper, paper-making techniques, as well as different ways to use this material.

Museum lessons are an excellent complement to the history, art and technology curriculum, facilitating participants’ contact with the museum exhibit by teaching them to discover a variety of content in it.

In addition, the workshops – hands-on activities conducted by the museum faculty members – facilitate the assimilation of new knowledge and skills, while the works made by the participants make an interesting souvenir of their visit to the historical paper mill.

The most popular form of workshop is handmade paper, conducted according to a traditional technique developed in medieval Italy. During the workshop, participants make sheets of paper in various shapes, with plant elements or waste paper. 

 Gallery – Workshops

Museum lessons

  • include sightseeing with a tourguide and the workshops;
  • are geared towards the groups;
  • shall be booked in advance.


  • are practical activities carried out by the knowledge employees of the Museum;
  • are addresed at persons who have already visited the Museum;
  • are geared towards the groups, excludint the workshops ‘Papermaking’ (papermaking on your own), which are also available to the individual visitors;
  • group workshops shall be booked in advance.

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