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First time on YouTube!


The Museum of Papermaking did not have such an advertisement before! With the Norwegian and EEA funds as well as money from local sources it was possible to produce a TV commercial, to be broadcast on national and regional TV, which invites visitors to the Paper Mill in Duszniki Zdrój. This is a prequel to the promotion of the outcomes of the project, that will be promoted next year and which will include, for instance, two new exhibition rooms.

The preparation of the spot script turned out to be the most difficult task. What and how to show? What to say? It is barely a few dozen seconds! The museum prepared ten differentiated proposals, therefore, the decision did not belong to simple ones. Finally, the company performing the task – BeLogic Studio – presented a script based on the selected topics which we had adopted.

Taking advantage of good weather, the scenes from the bird’s eye view were shot while the script was still developed, later, the shooting was performed inside the mill. Mostly, unqualified persons acted in the film, children did particularly well, even though the shots had to be repeated a few times. A special camera was used for close-ups showing paper moulding in a slowed pace.  The result was an extensive material from which the best frames were chosen for precise editing. The part of them was subject to digital processing in order to achieve the demanded visual effect.

Was it successful? The TV premiere is still long time ahead of us and, for this reason, we invite you to watch the spot “Draw some history” on the website of the Museum of Papermaking on YouTube service.

The commercial was prepared a part of the project “Upgrade and adaptation of the historic drying facility for cultural purposes as well as fire protection of the Museum of Papermaking complex in Duszniki-Zdrój, along with maintenance and digitisation of Museum collections.”