Muzeum Papiernictwa w Dusznikach-Zdroju


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Renowacja i adaptacja

Renovation and adaptation

The Museum of Papermaking has been the beneficiary of the funds obtained from the operational programmes of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for years. On the basis of Ministry funds as well as the budget allocations of Lower Silesian Local Government, numerous renovation and restoration works have been carried out.

The complex of historic drying house consists of two multi-storey buildings: the main building and the former drying house, among which especially the latter has been used only partially.

Due to the growing interest in the museum and its educational offer, it has become neccessary to develop non-usable parts of the building. Therefore, the the key investment plan currently is to adapt the drying house building for the educational and cultural purposes and to protect the paper mill in Duszniki-Zdrój comprehensively.

The works on adaptation of not used by now drying house rooms started in 2009 and, whenever possible, were continued in the next years. The funds from the Norway and EEA Grants will allow to finish the investment and to use the object’s full potential.

As a result, the museum will gain two exhibition areas, modern rooms to conduct the museum lessons and workshops and modernised office and warehouse facilities.

In the exhibition areas, there will be two new permanent exhibitions – the first of them will concern the history of the polish paper money, the second – the paper art. The exhibitions will be arranged according to the newest trends and will use multimedia techniques. A range of solutions for the disabled that will facilitate visiting have been provided.