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Among numerous publications of the Museum of Papermaking there are collections catalogues, paper factories monographies and a scientific yearbook.

Collecions Catalogues

Having the unique collections, the Museum of Papermaking compiles the museum pieces catalogues. By now, the catalouge devoted to the ornamented paper by Teresa Windyka has been published.The catalougues of other colletions are beeing prepared. Amont them, there are the collections of historic paper and paper objects properties investigation machines and the sheets with filigrees. They will be published in subsequent years.

Publications accompanying temporary exhibitions.

The Museum of Papermaking organizes around 10-12 temporary exhibitions every year and takes care of their proper promotion and documentation. In case of each exhibition, the posters and information leaflets are released, and in case of the exhibitions devoted to the paper art presentation or common art, the exhibitions catalogues are published.

Paper factories monographies

The Museum, which is the most important institution that carries out research on history of papermaking on Polish lands, has published a range of monographies on papermaking and papermaking factories by M. Szymczyk. By now, around 10 publications have appeared.

Publications devoted to paper mill.

The museum publishes the materials which popularise the history of the paper mill in Duszniki-Zdrój, which has been the Historical Landmark since 2011. By now, the album entitled „Paper mill in Duszniki-Zdrój” edited by M. Szymczyk as well as numerous fold-ups and information leaflets in Polish, English, German, Czech and French have been published

The full list of the published books and brochures:

List of publications

Many of our publications can be purchased in the shop by the museum yard or in our online shop.

Sklep internetowy – wydawnictwa

The Museum of Papermaking Yearbook.

A very important project of the Museum of Papermaking is preparing and publishing since 2007 our own periodical entitled „The Museum of Papermaking Yearbook”. It is of scientific nature and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has placed it on the list of journals scored with regard to parameterization of universities. In the yearbook, there are articles devoted to the history of papermarking and Duszniki-Zdrój, information about the paper mill and about the current activity of the Museum of Papermaking. The yearbook is open to the foreign authors articles and in its editorial committee there are two foreign scientists: profesor Gottfried Schweizer (1927-2014), Austria and Rainer Sachs, Germany.

The Yearbooks in electronic form can be accessed free of charge.

Yearbook of Museum of the Papermaking


The promotion materials

The Museum of Papermaking releases a range of materials promoting the museum collections, exhibitions and the educational offer. The materials are mostly distributed free of charge in the museum and in the surrounding hotels, cooperative tourism companies, on national and abroad tour trade fairs. These are information leaflets, postcards, commemorative coins, memorial tickets and jigsaw with the paper mill picture

Moreover, the museum cooperates on preparing and publishing many information materials with the Polish Tourist Organization, Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation and many entities from the tourism field.