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The divisions

In the organisational structure of the Museum of Papermaking, there are the divisions of scientific work, education and papermaking.

Scientific work

The Museum plays a significant role in the research on the history of the past papermaking and papermaking industry on Polish territory.

For over 20 years, we have been conducting research on filigrees (watermarks). Having the biggest collection of papers with filigrees in the country, we have the reliable reseach material. In the museum book collection, there are the most important filigrees catalogues, permitting the proffesional identification of watermarks.

An important subject of the Museum research are also the old techniques of paper ornamentation. We have also one of the biggest collection of the objects connected with this area in Poland.

Dział historii papiernictwa

The biggest implemented projects in the area of research on the history of papermaking concerned the papermaking industry in Silesia in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.

The second of the leading research projects was connected with the history of papermaking industry in Poland in the communist period.

Currently, in the area of research on the history of papermaking industry, we have been implementing the project concerning papermaking industry in Poland since introducing the restructuring process in 1989 until entering the European Union by Poland.

Dział papiernictwa 

The museum, being the only science and research institution in Duszniki-Zdrój, explores the history of the town. This area is based on German literature, iconographic material, archive documents and current historical press.

Dział historii Dusznik-Zdroju

Many studies are based on reliable resources. In the museum, we have excellent scientific library – in addition to rich choice of literature connected with papermaking, we also collect periodicals and old prints. The library can be used by anybody interested.

Biblioteka Muzeum Papiernictwa

The significant element of our scientific activity is releasing our own periodical – Papermaking Museum Yearbook. We publish there dissemination articles which are the effect of scientific research and the chronicle of events. The yearbook in electronic form can be accessed online free of charge.

Rocznik Muzeum Papiernictwa

The Museum of Papermaking launched the foreign policy in the 1980s but only after 1989 it acquired a new dimension. The content-related employees started using the resources of Deutsches Buch- und Schriftsmuseum in Lipsk, there was also the exchange of information with the Museum in Velkie Losiny, the Czech Republic. The contacts lead to scientific and popular science publications and to completion of exhibitions in the Museum of Papermaking. Foreign scientits started visiting our institution and using our library collections. In 2005, the Museum of Papermaking was the co-organiser of International Congress of International Paper Historians (IPH).


It is the field which is the essential element of functioning of the Museum of Papemaking as an institution which mission is disseminate the knowledge about the paper and papermaking. The emloyees of educational division organise among others the tours and the workshops.

Dział naukowo-oświatowy

On the other hand, the workshops, the graphic techniques shows and the open-air workshops and exhibitions are the domain of the graphic studio.


The papermaking place was opened soon after the Museum of Papermaking registration. The paper made here by the professional papermakers is sold, from some of it the souvenirs sold in the museum shop are made.

Dział produkcji papieru czerpanego

In the papermaking place, there are also the demonstration and workshop stands. Due to it, the visitors can see how the paper was made before centuries, they can also make paper on their own.

Museum lessons and workshops