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We are pleased to announce that the group of historic paper mills applying for a joint inclusion on the UNESCO list has been extended to include the historic paper mill in Pietrbuona near Pescia, Italy.

The letter of intent to collaborate was signed by the director of the Papermaking Museum in Duszniki-Zdrój, Mr Maciej Szymczyk on behalf of the paper museums in Duszniki-Zdrój (Poland), Velkie Losiny (Czech Republic), Homburg (Germany) and Ambert (France) and by the president of the Museo della Carta di Pescia, Mr Paolo Carrara, on behalf of the Italian museum.

The paper mills seeking joint inscription on the World Heritage List have unique historical and scientific value. Furthermore, they must be approved by the government of their country to partake in the project.

Museo della Carta di Pescia (fot. A. Siwek):