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Collector banknote with the view of the Duszniki paper mill issued.


The Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój took part in the initiative popular among tourism lovers and collectors entitled “0 Euro Souvenir”. Collector banknotes presenting the paper mill in Duszniki were included in the Museum’s offer from May 8th 2021.

Since 2015, the Euro Souvenir initiative has spread nearly all over the world. Banknotes with the denomination of 0 euros are not inferior in their quality to those in circulation, while their limited quantity and the fact that their collector’s value may increase in time make them a kind of investment. Main goal of the project is to promote tourism as well as the knowledge of various historical and cultural monuments. The banknotes are manufactured at the Oberthur Technologies Securities Printing House which also prints banknotes serving as legal currency in the euro zone member states.

The author of the graphic motif of this unique souvenir from the Museum of Papermaking is Roussanka Alexandrova-Nowakowska, an artist, writer and coin designer.

The banknote was issued in closed circulation, in the quantity of 5000 items, with 1000 of them constituting the unique “Anniversary” collection referring to the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of launching of the “0 euro Souvenir” project.

It is worth to add that the new banknote is not the first numismat with the view of the paper mill in Duszniki. At the beginning of June 1921, i.e. 100 years ago, authorities of Duszniki-Zdrój issued substitute money with the denomination of 50 pfennigs with the view of the old paper mill. The numismat is still very popular among collectors. The situation will for sure look similar with the 0 euros banknote, which was completely sold out already on the first day after its issuing.