Muzeum Papiernictwa w Dusznikach-Zdroju


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Jeden z 113 pomników historii w Polsce

Początki: przed 1562

(Polski) Regulamin zwiedzania Muzeum Papiernictwa

Annex to Order No. 3/2022 of the Director of the Museum of Papermaking of March 28, 2022.
Valid from March 29, 2022.


§ 1. General provisions

The regulations for visiting the Museum of Papermaking define the rules for using the museum’s cultural services and its purpose is to ensure the safety of both visitors and museum employees.
The museum is open to visitors:
May-August: Monday to Saturday, 9.00-18.00, Sundays 9.00-16.00,
September-October: Monday – Saturday 9.00-17.00, Sundays 9.00-16.00,
November-April: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-15.00.

Detailed information on the opening days and hours of the Museum and possible changes are available on the website, at the entrance to the Museum and in the hall next to the ticket office.

The Museum reserves the right to change the visiting hours in order to improve the service of tourist traffic.
In order to ensure the safety of people staying in the Museum and property, video monitoring is carried out in the building and on the museum property.
The museum exhibition consists of two routes:
the path “With paper for two millennia” visited with the help of a story played from your own device (e.g. smartphone, iPad) or an audio guide (no additional fee), possibly with a printout of texts for individual rooms,
the “Art and Money” route, explored independently.

The time of visiting the whole is approx. 2 hours.

It is possible to start visiting the entire Museum no later than 2 hours before the museum closes. If visitors arrive at the museum later than 2 hours before the closing of the exhibitions, one of the routes will be available to them: “With paper for two millennia” or “Art and money” or participation in paper making workshops. Insufficient amount of time spent by the visitor on visiting the exhibitions does not constitute grounds for a complaint.
The number of visitors staying at the exhibitions of the Museum at the same time is limited for security reasons. Due to this, the entrance of visitors to individual exhibitions may be temporarily suspended.
The day of free access to the exhibition from May to October and during the winter holidays is Monday, and from November to April (except for the winter holidays) on Tuesday.
The free tour offer is addressed only to individual tourists and includes visiting the exhibition “With paper for two millennia” without an audio guide and without participation in the demonstration of making paper.
In order to extend the offer for visitors on the day of the free visit to include the drawing room and the “Art and Money” route, the possibility of purchasing a ticket enabling the visit to the entire museum has been introduced.

§ 2. Rules for serving visitors individually

The dates for entering the museum are set every 30 minutes, starting at 9.00. The last entrance to the museum is one hour before the closing of the exhibitions.
A limit of individual visitors per entry date of up to 30 people is introduced.
Sightseeing is subject to a telephone reservation, carried out during the opening hours of the museum at the number 74 8627424. People who do not make a reservation for a specific date will be served only if there are free places within the limit specified in point 2 § 2 of the Regulations.

§ 3.  Rules for handling organized groups

Organized groups are accepted only after prior reservation.
Group supervisors are obliged to cooperate closely with the employees of the Museum of Papermaking in matters of maintaining order and safety of visitors.
Organized groups cannot be combined.
Organized groups are guided with an audioguide with a sound system, or after prior reservation by the museum guide.
The museum offers paid museum lessons to organized groups.
Lessons are carried out from Monday to Friday; there is a strict reservation of dates for them.
During the museum lesson, up to 25 participants can stay in the practical classes room.
Participants of the lessons must absolutely disinfect their hands before classes.

§ 4. Museum workshops

The museum offers visitors paid museum workshops. Priority of participation in the workshops is given to people who have made an earlier reservation.
Workshops are carried out every working day of the museum and start at full hours.
It is recommended that participants wear masks during classes.
Up to 8 people can participate in the workshop at a time.
The workshop is open to adults and children over 5 years of age.
Children up to the age of 7 participate in classes only under the care of their parents or guardians.

§ 5 Sale of tickets for museum services

  1. Visiting the exhibitions of the Museum and participation in events organized by the Museum are payable.
  2.  The amount of fees is specified in the price list available on the Museum’s website and at the ticket office.
  3. The ticket office accepts payments in PLN, accepts VISA and MasterCard payment cards.
  4. When selling tickets, the ticket office issues an invoice or receipt and a souvenir ticket. The only proof of payment entitling you to visit is a receipt or an invoice.
  5. The person purchasing the ticket may be asked to provide the postal code, or in the case of visitors from abroad – the country of origin, which information is collected only for statistical purposes.
  6. The sale of tickets may be temporarily suspended due to security reasons, limiting the number of visitors at the exhibitions at the same time.
  7. Invoices are issued in accordance with applicable regulations for persons, institutions and business entities that have purchased admission tickets to exhibitions or museum workshops.

§ 6 Rules for visiting the Museum

  1. The area of the Museum is protected and monitored.
  2. Each person visiting the Museum is obliged to comply with the safety rules set out in the Regulations and the instructions of the staff.
  3. In the Museum building it is forbidden to:
    a. entering areas other than those intended for visitors,
    b. littering,
    c. touching the exhibits,
    d. eat and drink,
    f. smoking tobacco products and electronic cigarettes,
    g. running and sliding on the floors,
    h. loud behavior, disturbing the peace of other visitors, creating dangerous situations,
    i. bring bags, backpacks, sports equipment (e.g. skis) to the exhibition area,
    m. photographing and filming exhibition interiors with the use of an additional light source,
    n. photographing and filming the Museum’s security systems,
    o. bring firearms, explosives and other items dangerous to health and life into the Museum,
    p. introducing aggressive animals (persons introducing animals take full responsibility for them),
    q. arbitrarily move elements of the Museum’s equipment,
    r. destroying elements of the Museum’s equipment,
    s. to conduct commercial, advertising or political agitation activities.
  4.  The following persons are prohibited from staying in the Museum building:
    a. having dangerous objects or materials;
    b. under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychoactive substances;
    c. whose attire is inappropriate for the seriousness of the Museum.
  5.  Children under the age of 10 may stay in the Museum only under the care of an adult.
  6. Parents and guardians are responsible for damage caused by children under their care.

§ 7. Final provisions

The purchase of a ticket to the Museum constitutes acceptance of these Regulations.
Failure to comply with these Regulations by visitors constitutes the basis for asking the visitor to leave the premises of the Museum. A person who has been asked to leave the premises of the Museum due to non-compliance with the Regulations is not entitled to a refund of the costs incurred.
Comments, complaints and requests regarding the Museum’s activities and visitor service can be submitted to the Museum secretariat or by e-mail to [email protected].