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Bogata kolekcja

Unikatowy zabytek techniki

Jeden z 113 pomników historii w Polsce

Początki: przed 1562

Save from passing time


– is the title of a new temporary exhibition at the Museum of Papermaking. We present in it the course and results of conservator’s works on selected, precious historical, artistic and technical monuments included in our own, museum collections.

The money to finance the project of protection of the most valuable monuments was granted from Norwegian and EEA funds. The criterion of object importance as a national heritage monument and their maintenance condition was adopted at the selection of facilities to be renovated, whereas only objects which were not renovated before were chosen.

312 objects were renovated, the majority of which (283) are objects on paper foundation: manuscript documents, printed documents, photographs, postcards, plans, cards from a collection of manually moulded papers and ink drawings. Paper objects had the form of codes, volumes and folders with loose sheets. The other part were metal plates for typographic print.

With conducted conservator’s works, the maintenance condition of the collection significantly improved. The project performance also allowed to evaluate the problems connected with the conservator prophylaxis as well as more precisely define the needs in the scope of collection protection and maintenance.

The exhibition visitors will learn the conservation secrets, find out about the methods of damage identification as well as about some conservator’s procedures: mechanical and chemical cleaning, supplementing paper defects, securing corrosion focuses, oiling. They will see the objects included in the Museum of Papermaking, for which the scope of the works was individually selected, with different degree of interference in monument material – ink drawing, manuscripts, photographs and metal plates for typographic print.

The performer of conservator’s works and the exhibition author is Weronika Liszewska Ph.D., whose lecture on conservator’s workshop accompanied the exhibition opening.

The exhibition script was elaborated by Weronika Liszewska with cooperation of Teresa Windyka.

The exhibition is open from 15 September to 12 October. You are most welcomed!