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Paper Festival

The culmination of the Museum of Papermaking basic activity is the Festival of paper. It is our biggest, two-day event, which has been organised every year since 2001 at the last weekend of July – the anniversary of the museum establishment. 

The purpose of the Festival is the dissemination of knowlege about paper, its history, its significance for culture and civilisation development and its role in the modern world. The event promotes the paper mill, the authors of regional products and the active tourism.

The assumption of the Paper Festival is providing the visitors’ active participation in the workshops and the possibility of taking the effects of their work home. The setting of stands is designed to enable the visitors to begin with getting to know the materials and paper primary products and then to go through paper making (done on their own), investigating its properties (historic metrological apparatus), getting to know the printing techniques (gravure and relief printing) and the methods of traditional paper ornamentation (marbling, shibori, batik). Additionally, there are numerous competitions with valuable prizes – both skill games (such as toilet paper throw) and knowledge games connected with the knowledge about the paper and the Museum of Papermaking. The complement of the attractions are the paper art, craft and regional products stalls. Every year during the Festival, there are also additional exhibitions of paper art.