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Temporary exhibitions

Very significant element of cultural activity of the Museum are temporary exhibitions. Usually, they are connected with paper – most often these are paper art displays. Part of the exhibitions is devoted to art works made on paper (graphic, painting), others to the history of paper and printing techniques, they also present groups of paper products (banknotes, substitute money, passports).

The historic displays presented in the museum galleries concern mainly Duszniki-Zdrój, the Kłodzko Land and the Lower Silesia. Some of the presentations are connected with the museum functioning in the local environment – they concern local authors works, including the youngest ones.

We organise 10-12 temporary exhibitions every year. There are also outdoor workshops and numerous special events. The average length of the exhibition is around one month. They are often accompanied by catalogues publications. The exhibitions are widely promoted, mainly through websites, social and local media.

The exhibitions are organised in the gallery situated in the former summer rooms of the main paper mill building. In order to develop the activities in this area, in 2008 the Museum adapted adjacent rooms, which were previously used to dry paper, by organising there professionaly prepared exhibition space. However, in 2012, after the start of the reconstruction and adaptation project of the drying house building, it was neccessary to move the offices for the time of the construction works. In the absence of any other rooms, they had to be placed in the new exhibition room. Only after the renovation and adaptation project completion, the artistic activity will be reintroduced to the exhibition room.