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Press conference in the Museum of Papermaking


The press conference on the project titled “Renovation and adaptation of the historic drying facility for cultural purposes as well as fire protection of the Museum of Papermaking complex in Duszniki-Zdrój, along with the maintenance and digitisation of Museum collections” was organised on 24 April at 12:00. The design team in charge of which was vice president of the Museum of Papermaking, Joanna Seredyńska, obtained the amount of PLN 6,682,490.00 from the Financial Mechanism of European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2009-2014 for the performance of the aforementioned task. Its total value is PLN 9 562 660. The local government of the Silesian Province provided own contribution to this task.

The following speakers spoke during the conference: Maciej Szymczyk – Director of the Museum of Papermaking, Joanna Seredyńska – vice Director, project coordinator as well as Agnieszka Chudziak, Karolina Wołoszyn-Cymbalista and Katarzyna Skowron – team managing the project. The plans of employment of obtained funds were presented in a short multimedia presentation which include, e.g.

– installation of the modern building water mist fire protection system with the use of water mist:

– adaptation of drying rooms not used so far;

– conservation the museum collections along with their digitalisation and making the collections available on a public domain